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Our roof restoration includes inspection, cleaning, tile changes, rebedding roof caps, priming and coating to restore your roof back to new.

The roof of your home can take up to 40% of the home’s exterior, so it makes good sense to restore your roof. We conduct a roof inspection which is used to determine the best course of action to take when it comes to making your roof look and feel like new again. An old, damaged roof is not only unappealing– It drops the value of your home. By improving the condition of your roof, you’re not only investing in the value and looks of your home – You’re protecting your family from future damages and saving on power bills with improved home insulation with heat reflective roof coatings.

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Our homes are often the largest investment we make and they provide an environment for our families to grow up and live in. It make sense to keep them in best condition with the best roof quality.

We have expertise in both colorbond and tiled roof painting. Most roofs need to be cleaned with a high pressure water blasting then primed with the appropriate primer then given two coats of roofing membrane.

We have experience in all types of roofs and have the cleaning equiptment, safety equipment and all painting gear. We can consult on the best colour scheme, the most appropriate finish, and then deliver top quality paintwork on your roof.

With our experience in large scale painting projects we can deliver the best painting results for your roof and the results will always be impressive.

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We’re proud to offer professional roof rebedding and roof repointing for your home. If your roof has broken tiles and cracked mortar that needs repairing, or if your roof simply looks old and worn after years of exposure to the elements, our team can help you to restore its appearance. With our years of experience and expertise, you can rely on us to meet your needs when it comes to roof tile mortar repair, rebedding and repointing roof services. 

Roof restoration work is often necessary for clay tile or Terracotta tile roofs. Although undeniably beautiful, the strength of clay can become compromised after many years spent under the harsh Australian sun. Prestige Roof Transformations can bring your tile roof back to life by repairing all the broken tiles. Once everything has been repaired, we’ll first apply a roof sterilizer then paint primer followed by two coats of membrane. This approach will not only make your roof look attractive, but will lower the level of heat retention of your property (that means energy cost savings for you!)

As authorised Dulux Acratex roof applicators, you can be sure we’ll only use the highest quality materials for your roof.  

Does your roof need re pointing or need to replace broken tiles?


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We use professional high-pressure cleanin to wash and remove stubborn dirt, moss algae and lichen. Sometimes all a roof needs is a good professional cleaning. 


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