Why Choose Prestige Roof Transformations?

High Quality Work

Our reputation is built on the high levels of quality, service and trust our team deliver. This is why Dulux has given us the title of trained roof applicators and supports us by giving a 10 year material guarantee on any work that we do.


We guarantee all our work, professionalism cleanliness which is backed by a dual guarantee from us and material guarantee from Dulux making it the strongest guarantee in the Industry.

Customer Service

We are firmly committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction so we don’t just say it we commit to it in writing that we will leave your house as clean or cleaner when we leave than when we got there. And that you will be amazed with the transformation and that it will be completed as we have represented it would.


No one wants to see an accident especially on your home or be involved with any work safe issues. All our staff are fully trained in working at height and safety and we always use safe work practices as the safety of our staff and others has to be our number 1 priority.

We are a licenced and insured contractor!

This is one of the biggest issues with companies in this industry. Some companies don’t use any safety equipment and under cut everyone. This is illegal and puts their staff at risk and also the owners as there could be legal ramifications for owners if an injury happens on their house and they are using an un licenced contractor.

Other companies need to charge a lot for safety equipment for each job because they don’t have any generally they use their own make safety shift gear which doesn’t meet Australian standards

We have all our own safety gear which is approved to Australian standards including temporary anchor points and harness equipment etc and all our guys have safety certificates. So we put in the correct measures at the start of each job that is to Australian standards and work to these standards throughout the job.

Some jobs require fixed anchor points to be put in which we arrange through suitable qualified contractors.

We have all our licences and insurances so the client can rest assured the job is getting done in a safe and efficient manner and if an accident was to happen we have the correct insurance in place.

Safety Measure



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